College Football Data Aggregation Interface for Opponent Scouting


Initial Brief

An NCAA D1 football team asked us to help them build a data analytics interface to visualize data for opponent scouting. The goal of our engagement was to build a prototype to test at team practices to identify if the solution would be valuable for the upcoming season.

Solution Summary

Our team worked with the client to understand the relationships among the data points they wanted to visualize and to design an ideal interface for team personnel to use on and off the field. Our two-part solution included:

(1) a frontend interface for users to filter and visualize data, and

(2) an admin portal to upload/integrate new data and manage preferences.

Note: Due to the sensitive nature of the data and the way it is used as a competitive advantage, we are unable to get into the details on the data or show images of the application.

Our Process

(1) Understand and diagram the flow of data from collection to visualization

(2) Design - we designed the required interfaces and selected a solution for building them

(3) Rapid prototyping - we spun up a working practice-ready application in 2 weeks

(4) Delivery, training, and iterative tweaking

Client Video