Web-based Financing Wizard


Initial Brief

A marine and RV financing company asked us to build a web-based step-by-step wizard for potential customers to quickly and intuitively determine pre-qualification status as well as populate information for insurance quotes. The application would act as a convenient tool for customers, as well as an automation tool for the client's team to collect data from customers.

Solution Summary

Our team designed and built:

(1) a responsive web application customers could use on their computers or mobile devices,

(2) a web portal for the client to configure settings and view submissions, and

(3) various integrations to push data to/from external APIs and services.

Our Process

(1) Research the information flow for pre-qualification and insurance quote flows

(2) Design flow, breaking the process into digestible steps for the user

(3) Build initial version of application with all form fields

(4) Understand and control sensitive data collection (e.g. SSNs)

Client Video