Nic OConnell

Nic has a degree in Business Management with a minor in Computer Information Systems from Bentley University. Following Bentley, Nic worked in project management at Boston Scientific in Boston.

After his time at Boston Scientific, Nic worked at a fintech startup called Juno, where he served as Lead Product Manager, designing and building various Juno products.

At Twelve55, Nic applies his unique product engineering mind to many different client projects and initiatives, bridging the gap between idea and reality.

Jake OConnell

Jake has a degree in Computer Information Systems from Bentley University. After graduating, Jake worked at multiple startups including at 3STEP Sports (now a billion-dollar sports company) where he was tasked with heading up IT and data analytics.

After 3STEP, Jake built an MVP for an insurtech company called Certificate Hero. As part of the founding team, Jake worked as Head of Product at the company for 2 years, guiding the product from the original idea through the first round of sales to leading insurance companies.

At Twelve55, Jake assists clients from a variety of backgrounds in building and prototyping software solutions.